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chromote requires a Chrome- or Chromium-based browser with support for the Chrome DevTools Protocol. There are many such browser variants, including Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge and others.

If you want chromote to use a specific browser, set the CHROMOTE_CHROME environment variable to the full path to the browser's executable. Note that when CHROMOTE_CHROME is set, chromote will use the value without any additional checks. On Mac, for example, one could use Microsoft Edge by setting CHROMOTE_CHROME with the following:

  CHROMOTE_CHROME = "/Applications/Microsoft Edge"

When CHROMOTE_CHROME is not set, find_chrome() will perform a limited search to find a reasonable executable. On Windows, find_chrome() consults the registry to find chrome.exe. On Mac, it looks for Google Chrome in the /Applications folder (or tries the same checks as on Linux). On Linux, it searches for several common executable names.




A character vector with the value of CHROMOTE_CHROME, or a path to the discovered Chrome executable. If no path to is found, find_chrome()

returns NULL.


#>            google-chrome 
#> "/usr/bin/google-chrome"