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Migrate a project's infrastructure from Packrat to renv.


  project = NULL,
  packrat = c("lockfile", "sources", "library", "options", "cache")



The project directory. If NULL, then the active project will be used. If no project is currently active, then the current working directory is used instead.


Components of the Packrat project to migrate. See the default argument list for components of the Packrat project that can be migrated. Select a subset of those components for migration as appropriate.


The project directory, invisibly. Note that this function is normally called for its side effects.


When migrating Packrat projects to renv, the set of components migrated can be customized using the packrat argument. The set of components that can be migrated are as follows:

lockfileMigrate the Packrat lockfile (packrat/packrat.lock) to the renv lockfile (renv.lock).
sourcesMigrate package sources from the packrat/src folder to the renv sources folder. Currently, only CRAN packages are migrated to renv -- packages retrieved from other sources (e.g. GitHub) are ignored.
libraryMigrate installed packages from the Packrat library to the renv project library.
optionsMigrate compatible Packrat options to the renv project.
cacheMigrate packages from the Packrat cache to the renv cache.


if (FALSE) {

# migrate Packrat project infrastructure to renv