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Run an R script, in the context of a project using renv. The script will be run within an R sub-process.


run(script, ..., job = NULL, name = NULL, project = NULL)



The path to an R script.


Unused arguments, reserved for future expansion. If any arguments are matched to ..., renv will signal an error.


Run the requested script as an RStudio job? Requires a recent version of both RStudio and the rstudioapi packages. When NULL, the script will be run as a job if possible, and as a regular R process launched by system2() if not.


The name to associate with the job, for scripts run as a job.


The path to the renv project. This project will be loaded before the requested script is executed. When NULL (the default), renv will automatically determine the project root for the associated script if possible.


The project directory, invisibly. Note that this function is normally called for its side effects.