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Update packages which are currently out-of-date. Currently supports CRAN, Bioconductor, other CRAN-like repositories, GitHub, GitLab, Git, and BitBucket.

Updates will only be checked from the same source -- for example, if a package was installed from GitHub, but a newer version is available on CRAN, that updated version will not be seen.


  packages = NULL,
  exclude = NULL,
  library = NULL,
  rebuild = FALSE,
  check = FALSE,
  prompt = interactive(),
  lock = FALSE,
  project = NULL



A character vector of R packages to update. When NULL (the default), all packages (apart from any listed in the ignored.packages project setting) will be updated.


Unused arguments, reserved for future expansion. If any arguments are matched to ..., renv will signal an error.


A set of packages to explicitly exclude from updating. Use renv::update(exclude = <...>) to update all packages except for a specific set of excluded packages.


The R library to be used. When NULL, the active project library will be used instead.


Force packages to be rebuilt, thereby bypassing any installed versions of the package available in the cache? This can either be a boolean (indicating that all installed packages should be rebuilt), or a vector of package names indicating which packages should be rebuilt.


Boolean; check for package updates without actually installing available updates? This is useful when you'd like to determine what updates are available, without actually installing those updates.


Boolean; prompt the user before taking any action? For backwards compatibility, confirm is accepted as an alias for prompt.


Boolean; update the renv.lock lockfile after the successful installation of the requested packages?


The project directory. If NULL, then the active project will be used. If no project is currently active, then the current working directory is used instead.


A named list of package records which were installed by renv.


if (FALSE) {

# update the 'dplyr' package