Associate a version of Python with your project.

  python = NULL,
  type = c("auto", "virtualenv", "conda", "system"),
  name = NULL,
  project = NULL



The path to a Python binary. This can be the path to a Python binary on the system, or the path to a Python binary within an already-existing Python environment. If NULL, the RETICULATE_PYTHON environment variable is checked; if that is not set, then the default version of python on the PATH is used instead. As a special case, use_python(FALSE) can be used to deactivate Python integration with a project.


Optional arguments; currently unused.


The type of Python environment to use. When "auto" (the default), a project-local environment (virtual environments on Linux / macOS; conda environments on Windows) will be created. Ignored if the requested version of python lives within a pre-existing Python environment.


The name or path that should be used for the associated Python environment. If NULL and python points to a Python executable living within a pre-existing virtual environment, that environment will be used. Otherwise, a project-local environment will be created instead.


The project directory. If NULL, then the active project will be used. If no project is currently active, then the current working directory is used instead.


TRUE, indicating that the requested version of Python has been successfully activated. Note that this function is normally called for its side effects.


When Python integration is active, renv will:

  • Save metadata about the requested version of Python in renv.lock -- in particular, the Python version, and the Python type ("virtualenv", "conda", "system"),

  • On load, set the RETICULATE_PYTHON environment variable, so that the reticulate package can automatically use the requested copy of Python as appropriate,

  • Capture the set of installed Python packages during renv::snapshot(),

  • Reinstall the set of recorded Python packages during renv::restore().


if (FALSE) { # use python with a project renv::use_python() # use virtualenv python with a project renv::use_python(type = "virtualenv") # use conda python with a project renv::use_python(type = "conda") }