Executes an arbitrary RStudio command.

executeCommand(commandId, quiet = FALSE)



The ID of the command to execute.


Whether to show an error if the command does not exist.


Most menu commands and many buttons in RStudio can be invoked from the API using this method.

The quiet command governs the behavior of the function when the command does not exist. By default, an error is shown if you attempt to invoke a non-existent command. You should set this to TRUE when invoking a command that may not be available if you don't want your users to see an error.

The command is run asynchronously, so no status is returned.

See the RStudio Server Professional Administration Guide appendix for a list of supported command IDs.


The executeCommand function was introduced in RStudio 1.2.1261.

See also

registerCommandCallback to be notified of command executions.