Display user navigable source markers in a pane within RStudio.

  basePath = NULL,
  autoSelect = c("none", "first", "error")



The name of marker set. If there is a market set with this name already being shown, those markers will be replaced.


An R list, or data.frame, of source markers. See details for more details on the expected format.


Optional. If all source files are within a base path, then specifying that path here will result in file names being displayed as relative paths. Note that in this case markers still need to specify source file names as full paths.


Auto-select a marker after displaying the marker set?


The markers argument can contains either a list of marker lists or a data frame with the appropriate marker columns. The fields in a marker are as follows (all are required):

typeThe marker type ("error", "warning", "info", "style", or "usage").
fileThe path to the associated source file.
lineThe line number for the associated marker.
columnThe column number for the associated marker.
messageA message associated with the marker at this location.

Note the marker message can contain ANSI SGR codes for formatting. The cli package can format text for style and color.


The sourceMarkers function was added in version 0.99.225 of RStudio.