Dynamically hide or show a tabPanel() (or a navbarMenu())from an existing tabsetPanel(), navlistPanel() or navbarPage().

showTab(inputId, target, select = FALSE, session = getDefaultReactiveDomain())

hideTab(inputId, target, session = getDefaultReactiveDomain())



The id of the tabsetPanel (or navlistPanel or navbarPage) in which to find target.


The value of the tabPanel to be hidden/shown. See Details if you want to hide/show an entire navbarMenu instead.


Should target be selected upon being shown?


The shiny session within which to call this function.


For navbarPage, you can hide/show conventional tabPanels (whether at the top level or nested inside a navbarMenu), as well as an entire navbarMenu(). For the latter case, target should be the menuName that you gave your navbarMenu when you first created it (by default, this is equal to the value of the title argument).

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## Only run this example in interactive R sessions
if (interactive()) {

ui <- navbarPage("Navbar page", id = "tabs",
    actionButton("hideTab", "Hide 'Foo' tab"),
    actionButton("showTab", "Show 'Foo' tab"),
    actionButton("hideMenu", "Hide 'More' navbarMenu"),
    actionButton("showMenu", "Show 'More' navbarMenu")
  tabPanel("Foo", "This is the foo tab"),
  tabPanel("Bar", "This is the bar tab"),
    tabPanel("Table", "Table page"),
    tabPanel("About", "About page"),
    "Even more!",
    tabPanel("Email", "Email page")

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  observeEvent(input$hideTab, {
    hideTab(inputId = "tabs", target = "Foo")

  observeEvent(input$showTab, {
    showTab(inputId = "tabs", target = "Foo")

  observeEvent(input$hideMenu, {
    hideTab(inputId = "tabs", target = "More")

  observeEvent(input$showMenu, {
    showTab(inputId = "tabs", target = "More")

shinyApp(ui, server)