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Below is a search-able table of Bootstrap 4 Sass variables. If you aren’t sure what a Sass variable is or how to use them, see this Get Started article. A few things to keep in mind when using this table:

  • Each row represents a different Sass variable, showing its name and default value.
    • For Sass variables whose value defaults to another Sass variable (e.g., border-color), you may hover over the value to get the (default) CSS value that it represents.
  • Rows are grouped into sections of similar variables
  • Towards the top of the table are more general theming options like white, gray-*, black, primary, border-radius, and so on, which end up impacting more specific theming variables like btn-border-radius.
    • bs_theme()’s bg and fg arguments provide a more convenient way to set the white, gray-*, and black variables, so there is no need to set these Sass variables directly (same goes for base_font -> $font-family-base, heading_font -> $headings-font-family, and code_font -> $font-family-monospace).