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These functions are small wrappers around shiny's page constructors (i.e., shiny::fluidPage(), shiny::navbarPage(), etc) that differ in two ways:

  • The theme parameter defaults bslib's recommended version of Bootstrap (for new projects).

  • The return value is rendered as an static HTML page when printed interactively at the console.


page(..., title = NULL, theme = bs_theme(), lang = NULL)

page_fluid(..., title = NULL, theme = bs_theme(), lang = NULL)

page_fixed(..., title = NULL, theme = bs_theme(), lang = NULL)



UI elements for the page. Named arguments become HTML attributes.


The browser window title (defaults to the host URL of the page)


A bs_theme() object.


ISO 639-1 language code for the HTML page, such as "en" or "ko". This will be used as the lang in the <html> tag, as in <html lang="en">. The default (NULL) results in an empty string.


  • page_fluid(): A bslib wrapper for shiny::fluidPage(), a fluid Bootstrap-based page layout that extends to the full viewport width.

  • page_fixed(): A bslib wrapper for shiny::fixedPage(), a fixed Bootstrap-based page layout where the page content container is centered horizontally and its width is constrained.

See also

Dashboard-style pages: page_sidebar(), page_navbar(), page_fillable().