Copies an HTML dependency to a subdirectory of the given directory. The subdirectory name will be name-version (for example, "outputDir/jquery-1.11.0"). You may set options(htmltools.dir.version = FALSE) to suppress the version number in the subdirectory name.

copyDependencyToDir(dependency, outputDir, mustWork = TRUE)



A single HTML dependency object.


The directory in which a subdirectory should be created for this dependency.


If TRUE and dependency does not point to a directory on disk (but rather a URL location), an error is raised. If FALSE then non-disk dependencies are returned without modification.


The dependency with its src value updated to the new location's absolute path.


In order for disk-based dependencies to work with static HTML files, it's generally necessary to copy them to either the directory of the referencing HTML file, or to a subdirectory of that directory. This function makes it easier to perform that copy.

See also

makeDependencyRelative() can be used with the returned value to make the path relative to a specific directory.