Bug fixes

  • Closed #290: htmltools previously did not specify which version of fastmap to use, and would fail to install with an old version of fastmap. (#291)

  • copyDependencyToDir() no longer creates empty directories for dependencies that do not have any files. (@gadenbuie, #276)

Breaking Changes

  • Closed #205: When calling tagGetAttribute(x) on an object with a non-atomic attribute, a list of untouched values will be returned. It is still recommended to only store character values inside attributes. (#212)

New Features & Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • When retrieving a tag attribute using tagGetAttribute(tag, attr), NA values will be removed before combining remaining attribute values. If all attribute values are NA, then a single NA value will be returned. (#212)

  • Closed #197: Fixed rendering of boolean attributes in <script> tags rendered via renderDependencies() (#197, thanks @atusy).

  • Closed #222: Unnamed attributes are no longer allowed to be appended via tagAppendAttribs(). When trying to print unnamed tag attribs, a better error message is provided. (#229)

  • Added shiny as a suggested package.

New Features & Improvements

Breaking Changes

  • Closed #161: parseCssColors(x) now requires x to be a character vector (it no longer accepts a list() of strings) and an error is no longer thrown when mustWork = FALSE and x contains NA value(s). (#194)

Bug fixes

  • print(as.tags(x)) no longer results in error when x is a generic list() of tag-like objects. (#181)
  • tags is now generated by a script which collects all HTML and SVG element tags documented in MDN Web Docs. This feature only appends to the existing set of tags (#159)

  • Removed the Rcpp depedency and the compiled code now uses C rather than C++ (#158)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Fixed #57, #153: htmlTemplate output no longer inserts extra whitespace around {{…}} replacement values. (#154)

  • HTML() now takes .noWS argument, which can be used to suppress surrounding whitespace (similar to the new argument for tags in htmltools 0.4.0). (#154)

  • css() now returns NULL instead of "" when no non-empty properties are specified. (#145)

  • save_html(tags$body(...)) no longer results in double

    tags being written to the .html file. (Note that save_html(tags$html(...)) is not supported at this time.) (#145)

  • Trailing commas now permited in ... arguments to css(), tagList(), and the var-arg mutation functions: tagAppendAttributes(), tagSetChildren(), and tagAppendChildren(). (#145)

  • Added capturePlot and plotTag functions, for easily creating image files and HTML tags (respectively) from plot expressions. (#150)

  • Added parseCssColors function, for normalizing the various CSS color formats into #RRGGBB(AA) strings. (#155)

  • Fixed #156: Now extractPreserveChunks() handles strings contain Emoji Unicode strings correctly on Windows. (#157)

  • The .noWS parameter for suppressing whitespace can now take an "inside" value (equivalent to c("after-start", "before-end")). (#163)

  • Fixed #128: Added support for trailing commas in tagLists and the predefined tags. (#135)

  • Added some HTML tag functions to tags that were missing. (#111)

  • Updated RcppExports for new version of Rcpp. (#93)

  • as.character.shiny.tags() will handle non-ASCII attributes correctly if they are not encoded in native encoding.

  • Fixed #99: NA attributes were sometimes rendered as "NA" in the HTML, instead of being blank. (#100)

  • The error message for trailing commas in tag functions now provides context and useful information. (#109)

  • Stopped using inline styles to set background color for save_html, as doing so makes it difficult to override using other CSS rules. (#123)

  • Added a .noWS argument to tag() and tags which can be used to suppress the automatically generated whitespace around a particular tag. (#131)

  • Added a shim for system.file() so that htmltools works with htmlDependency objects created by a package that was loaded with devtools::load_all(). (#129)

  • validateCssUnit() now accepts ch, rem, and calc(). (#134)

  • Fixed #125: print.html removes html dependencies. (#126)

  • Stopped extra carriage returns from being inserted by save_html on Windows. (#137)

  • as.character now returns a character vector with no other attributes. Previously it returned a character vector of class ‘html’. (#31, #41)

  • htmlTemplate now can use a string as a template instead of requiring a file. (#41, #43)

  • HTML dependencies can now be added inline, instead of needing to use attachDependencies(). (#40, #42)

  • htmlDependency() gained a new argument all_files to indicate whether all files under the src directory should be copied when rendering dependencies, or only those specified in the dependency objects. (#48)

  • copyDependencyToDir() will always completely overwrite the target directory when copying HTML dependency files to make sure all dependency files are definitely updated in the target directory when the original dependency directory has been updated. In the past, the dependency files were not updated if they already existed. (#36)

  • The version number in the directory name of an HTML dependency can be suppressed by setting options(htmltools.dir.version = FALSE) when the dependency is copied via copyDependencyToDir(). (#37)

  • Performance improvement rendering tags, by switching from readLines to readChar.

  • Add check that htmlDependency() isn’t called with an absolute path when a binary package is built. (#22)

  • Allow HTML content to include UTF-8, Latin1, and system encoded content. All will be converted to UTF-8 using enc2utf8() at render time. (#21)

  • Add tagGetAttribute() and tagHasAttribute() functions.

  • Add “append” parameter to attachDependencies, to allow adding dependencies, instead of replacing them.
  • Add “attachment” parameter to htmlDependency, which can be used to allow any file in the dependency directory to be available via URL at runtime.
  • Explicit library(htmltools) is no longer required for tags to be rendered in knitr/rmarkdown documents.

  • Added “viewer” parameter to html_print.

Initial release