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Use record() to record a new entry within an existing renv lockfile.


record(records, lockfile = NULL, project = NULL)



A list of named records, mapping package names to a definition of their source. See Records for more details.


Path to a lockfile. When NULL (the default), the renv.lock located in the root of the current project will be used.


The project directory. If NULL, then the active project will be used. If no project is currently active, then the current working directory is used instead.


This function can be useful when you need to change one or more of the package records within an renv lockfile -- for example, because a recorded package cannot be restored in a particular environment, and you know of a suitable alternative.


Records can be provided either using the remotes short-hand syntax, or by using an R list of entries to record within the lockfile. See ?lockfiles for more information on the structure of a package record.


if (FALSE) {

# use digest 0.6.22 from package repositories -- different ways
# of specifying the remote. use whichever is most natural
renv::record(list(digest = "0.6.22"))
renv::record(list(digest = "digest@0.6.22"))

# alternatively, provide a full record as a list
digest_record <- list(
  Package = "digest",
  Version = "0.6.22",
  Source  = "Repository",
  Repository = "CRAN"

renv::record(list(digest = digest_record))