Report differences between the project's lockfile and the current state of the project's library (if any).

status(project = NULL, ..., library = NULL, lockfile = NULL, cache = FALSE)



The project directory. If NULL, then the active project will be used. If no project is currently active, then the current working directory is used instead.


Unused arguments, reserved for future expansion. If any arguments are matched to ..., renv will signal an error.


The library paths. By default, the library paths associated with the requested project are used.


The path to a lockfile. By default, the project lockfile (called renv.lock) is used.


Boolean; perform diagnostics on the global package cache? When TRUE, renv will validate that the packages installed into the cache are installed at the expected + proper locations, and validate the hashes used for those storage locations.


This function is normally called for its side effects.


if (FALSE) { # disable automatic snapshots auto.snapshot <- getOption("") options( = FALSE) # initialize a new project (with an empty R library) renv::init(bare = TRUE) # install digest 0.6.19 renv::install("digest@0.6.19") # save library state to lockfile renv::snapshot() # remove digest from library renv::remove("digest") # check library status renv::status() # restore lockfile, thereby reinstalling digest 0.6.19 renv::restore() # restore automatic snapshots options( = auto.snapshot) }