Install Python packages into a virtual environment or Conda environment.

  envname = NULL,
  method = c("auto", "virtualenv", "conda"),
  conda = "auto",
  python_version = NULL,
  pip = FALSE,



A vector of Python packages to install.


The name, or full path, of the environment in which Python packages are to be installed. When NULL (the default), the active environment as set by the RETICULATE_PYTHON_ENV variable will be used; if that is unset, then the r-reticulate environment will be used.


Installation method. By default, "auto" automatically finds a method that will work in the local environment. Change the default to force a specific installation method. Note that the "virtualenv" method is not available on Windows.


The path to a conda executable. Use "auto" to allow reticulate to automatically find an appropriate conda binary. See Finding Conda for more details.


The requested Python version. Ignored when attempting to install with a Python virtual environment.


Boolean; use pip for package installation? This is only relevant when Conda environments are used, as otherwise packages will be installed from the Conda repositories.


Additional arguments passed to conda_install() or virtualenv_install().


On Linux and OS X the "virtualenv" method will be used by default ("conda" will be used if virtualenv isn't available). On Windows, the "conda" method is always used.

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