Execute code within the scope of the __main__ Python module.

py_run_string(code, local = FALSE, convert = TRUE)

py_run_file(file, local = FALSE, convert = TRUE, prepend_path = TRUE)



The Python code to be executed.


Boolean; should Python objects be created as part of a local / private dictionary? If FALSE, objects will be created within the scope of the Python main module.


Boolean; should Python objects be automatically converted to their R equivalent? If set to FALSE, you can still manually convert Python objects to R via the py_to_r() function.


The Python script to be executed.


Boolean; should the script directory be added to the Python module search path? The default, TRUE, matches the behavior of python <path/to/script.py> at the command line.


A Python dictionary of objects. When local is FALSE, this dictionary captures the state of the Python main module after running the provided code. Otherwise, only the variables defined and used are captured.