Compile Sass to CSS using LibSass.

  input = NULL,
  options = sass_options(),
  output = NULL,
  cache_options = sass_cache_options(),
  write_attachments = NA



Accepts raw Sass, a named list of variables, or a list of raw Sass and/or named variables. See as_sass and sass_import / sass_file for more details.


Compiler options for Sass. Please specify options using sass_options.


Specifies path to output file for compiled CSS.


Caching options for Sass. Please specify options using sass_cache_options. Caching is turned off by default for interactive R sessions, and turned on for non-interactive ones.


If the input contains sass_layer objects that have file attachments, and output is not NULL, then copy the file attachments to the directory of output. (Defaults to NA, which merely emits a warning if file attachments are present, but does not write them to disk; the side-effect of writing extra files is subtle and potentially destructive, as files may be overwritten.)


If output = NULL, the function returns a string value of the compiled CSS. If the output path is specified, the compiled CSS is written to that file and invisible() is returned.

See also


# raw Sass input sass("foo { margin: 122px * .3; }")
#> /* CSS */ #> foo { #> margin: 36.6px; #> } #>
# list of inputs, including named variables sass(list( list(width = "122px"), "foo { margin: $width * .3; }" ))
#> /* CSS */ #> foo { #> margin: 36.6px; #> } #>
# import a file tmp_file <- tempfile() writeLines("foo { margin: $width * .3; }", tmp_file) sass(list( list(width = "122px"), sass_file(tmp_file) ))
#> /* CSS */ #> foo { #> margin: 36.6px; #> } #>