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shinytest2 (development version)

shinytest2 0.3.2

CRAN release: 2024-04-28

Bug / Improvements

shinytest2 0.3.1

CRAN release: 2023-08-26

Breaking changes

  • AppDriver$get_screenshot()/AppDriver$expect_screenshot() now default an underlying deviceScaleFactor option to 0 instead of 1. This ensures that image sizes are more consistent across devices. To revert to prior behavior, provide screenshot_args = list(scale = 1) to get_screenshot()/expect_screenshot() (#350).

Bug / Improvements

  • shinytest2 no longer checks if the computer running the tests is connected to the internet when determining if shinytest2 can connect to the server hosting the Shiny app being tested. (@Riraro #364)

shinytest2 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2023-08-15

Breaking changes

  • AppDriver$get_screenshot(selector=), AppDriver$expect_screenshot(selector=)’s default selector value changed from the HTML DOM selector "html" to "scrollable_area". "scrollable_area" is a custom shinytest2 selector that will take a screenshot of the entire scrollable area. While a breaking change, this new default value is more intuitive and robust to non-standard CSS height and width values that fail with "html". (#325)

New features

  • AppDriver$get_screenshot(selector=), AppDriver$expect_screenshot(selector=), and their corresponding selector values inside screenshot_args=, gained two custom shinytest2 values: "scrollable_area" and "viewport". "scrollable_area" is the new default value and it takes a screenshot of the entire scrollable area. This is more intuitive than the previous value of the HTML DOM selector "html" which may result in a surprising height and width. "viewport" will take a screenshot of the current browser viewport. This means it will take a screenshot of whatever $view() is currently looking at. (#325)

  • GitHub Action rstudio/shinytest2/actions/test-app added support for multiple directories in app-dir. These can be supplied using multiline string yaml syntax. See use-ci vignette for more details. (#332)

  • GitHub Action rstudio/shinytest2/actions/test-app changed the default value of upload-snapshots from false to true. This is in preparation for automated snapshot handling. (#332)

Bug / Improvements

  • Set the directory to the Shiny App directory before starting the background R process. This allows for local .Rprofile and .Renviron files to be found naturally. (#275)

shinytest2 0.2.1

CRAN release: 2023-02-21

shinytest2 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2022-09-26

Breaking changes

Shiny log levels

  • AppDriver$get_logs() has changed the level values when location equals "shiny". The levels of "error" and "info" have been renamed to "stderr" and "stdout". (#265)

Download snapshot files

  • All downloaded snapshots will contain a counter prefix (e.g. 003- in 003-my_custom_name.txt) to avoid having two files point to the same snapshot file location. Sharing the same snapshot file is dangerous as the last file written is stored as truth, overwriting any knowledge of the original file. (#261)
  • If a content-disposition header is provided and AppDriver$expect_download(name = NULL) (default), the snapshot file will try to be saved using the content-disposition header value. When paired with compare = NULL (default), testthat will choose the proper compare method between compare_file_text() and compare_file_binary(). See ?testthat::expect_snapshot_file for more details. (#261)
  • AppDriver$expect_download() will now download snapshot files using a sanitized file name, e.g. AppDriver$expect_download(name = "my/custom/name.txt") will be stored in the file tests/testthat/_snaps/003-my_custom_name.txt. (#261)

Timeout values

The default timeout values for many AppDriver methods have been altered and are shown in the table below. (#263)

Method Previous value (ms) New value (ms)
AppDriver$new(load_timeout=) 10 * 1000 15 * 1000
AppDriver$set_inputs(timeout_=) 3 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$upload_file(timeout_=) 3 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$expect_js(timeout=) 15 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$get_js(timeout=) 15 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$run_js(timeout=) 15 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$wait_for_idle(timeout=) 30 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$wait_for_value(timeout=) 15 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$wait_for_js(timeout=) 30 * 1000 4 * 1000
AppDriver$stop(signal_timeout=) 250 500

AppDriver$new(load_timeout=) is initialized using the first numeric value found: 1. Supplied directly: AppDriver$new(load_timeout=) 2. Locally defined option: options(shinytest2.load_timeout=) 3. System environment variable: SHINYTEST2_LOAD_TIMEOUT 4. 15 * 1000 (15s)

AppDriver$new(timeout=) is initialized using the first numeric value found: 1. Supplied directly: AppDriver$new(timeout=) 2. Locally defined option: options(shinytest2.timeout=) 3. System environment variable: SHINYTEST2_TIMEOUT 4. 4 * 1000 (4s)

AppDriver$stop(signal_timeout=) is initialized using the first numeric value found: 1. Supplied directly: AppDriver$stop(signal_timeout=) 2. Locally defined option: options(shinytest2.signal_timeout=) 3. System environment variable: SHINYTEST2_SIGNAL_TIMEOUT 4. If the system environment variable R_COVR=true: 20 * 1000 (20s) 5. 500 (0.5s)

All remaining AppDriver methods will default their timeout and timeout_ parameters to the initialized AppDriver$new(timeout=) value. For example, if app <- AppDriver$new(timeout = 500) then app$get_js(timeout=) will default to 500 milliseconds.

New Features

  • compare_screenshot_threshold() is a new method to compare screenshots and allow small differences between two screenshots. This method checks every subset matrix of the pixel differences between the two images. If any total difference is larger than the threshold value, the two images are considered to be different. The subset matrix size can be increased by setting kernel_size. (#231)

  • Support for supplying your own compare method to AppDriver$expect_screenshot(compare=) has been added. By default, AppDriver$expect_screenshot(compare=) is set to compare_screenshot_threshold(threshold = NULL) which is equivalent to testthat::compare_file_binary(). No default screenshot expectation behavior has changed. (#231)

  • test_app() now inherits the existing test reporter when testing multiple apps within a package test file. This allows for a seamless, single reporter output instead of nested reporters being displayed. (#192)

  • The recording browser window is now closed when either the “Save test and exit” or “Exit” buttons are clicked. (@daattali, #202)

  • When testing and chromote can not be started, the test will be skipped. When testing on windows in CI, chromote will get an extra attempt to be started (#225)

  • Make globals an Imports package, instead of a Suggests package (#223)

  • Add support for not recording the screen size when recording a test (#223)

Bug / Improvements

  • Fix set of bugs found by @daattali including test files should be opened in the IDE after recording and test and replace missing images in the website (#199)

  • Provide example workflows on how to use rstudio/shinytest2/actions/test-app GHA action (#217)

  • When setting a date time slider value, it can now handle array inputs properly. When recording a date time slider value, numeric values will not be recorded as milliseconds instead of seconds since epoch. (#223)

  • When creating a test setup file for shinytest2, use the file path tests/testthat/setup-shinytest2.R instead of tests/testthat/setup.R to provide some quick context within the file name (#224)

  • Remove trailing comma causing render bug in recorder app (@mehrnoushmalek, #239)

  • Update {lintr} lints to v3 (#240)

  • Fixed GHA links for rstudio/shinytest2/actions/test-app@v1 (#249)

  • Fix documentation on on AppDriver’s delay parameter being in seconds, not milliseconds (#255)

  • Escape JS text supplied to AppDriver$wait_for_js(script=) (#258)

  • Added support for AppDriver$stop(signal_timeout=). The default timeout when sending SIGINT, SIGTERM, and SIGKILL signals to the shiny process is now 500ms. However, if covr is running, the default timeout is 20,000 ms to allow time for the report to generate. (#259, #263)

  • Add example and FAQ entry on how to test bookmarking (#262)

  • Added a DOI badge to (#267)

shinytest2 0.1.1

CRAN release: 2022-09-06

  • Update docs for CRAN (#253)

shinytest2 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2022-04-27

  • Initial release of package