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R Markdown format for model monitoring dashboards


vetiver_dashboard(pins = list(), display_pins = TRUE, ...)


pin_example_kc_housing_model(board = pins::board_local(), name = "seattle_rf")



A list containing board, name, and version, as in pins::pin_read()


Should the dashboard display a link to the pin(s)? Defaults to TRUE, but only creates a link if the pin contains a URL in its metadata.


Arguments passed to flexdashboard::flex_dashboard()


A pin board, created by board_folder(), board_connect(), board_url() or another board_ function.


Pin name.


The vetiver_dashboard() function is a specialized type of flexdashboard. See the flexdashboard website for additional documentation:

Before knitting the example vetiver_dashboard() template, execute the helper function pin_example_kc_housing_model() to set up demonstration model and metrics pins needed for the monitoring demo. This function will:

  • fit an example model to training data

  • pin the vetiver model to your own pins::board_local()

  • compute metrics from testing data

  • pin these metrics to the same local board

These are the steps you need to complete before setting up monitoring your real model.