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These are developer-facing functions, useful for supporting new model types. Some models require one or more R packages to be fully attached to make predictions, and some require only that the namespace of one or more R packages is loaded.






A character vector of package names to load or fully attach.


An invisible TRUE.


These two functions will attempt either to:

  • fully attach or

  • load

the namespace of the pkgs vector of package names, preserving the current random seed.

To learn more about load vs. attach, read the "Dependencies" chapter of R Packages. For deploying a model, it is likely safer to fully attach needed packages but that comes with the risk of naming conflicts between packages.


## succeed
load_pkgs(c("knitr", "readr"))
attach_pkgs(c("knitr", "readr"))

## fail
try(load_pkgs(c("bloopy", "readr")))
#> Error in namespace_handling(pkgs, loadNamespace, "Namespace(s) could not be loaded:") : 
#>   Namespace(s) could not be loaded:
#>  bloopy
try(attach_pkgs(c("bloopy", "readr")))
#> Error in namespace_handling(pkgs, attachNamespace, "Package(s) could not be attached:") : 
#>   Package(s) could not be attached:
#>  bloopy