DataTables has provided a large number of plug-ins, and we have integrated a subset of them in DT. You may enable plug-ins via the plugins argument of datatable(), e.g. plugins = c('natural'). If you find any plug-ins that you are interested in but are not listed here, you may file a feature request using Github issues. Currently these plug-ins have been integrated into DT:

Please note the plug-ins for filtering and sorting may not work for server-side processing, e.g. when you render tables in Shiny.

1 Examples

Here is an example of the plug-in natural.js for natural sorting. Compare the last column of the two tables after sorting:

d = cbind(
  Mixed = c(1, 2, 3, '10', '1a', '1b')
datatable(d, options = list(dom = 't'))
datatable(d, plugins = 'natural', options = list(
  dom = 't',
  columnDefs = list(list(type = 'natural', targets = 6))