The goal of flexdashboard is to make it easy to create interactive dashboards for R, using R Markdown.

  • Use R Markdown to publish a group of related data visualizations as a dashboard.

  • Support for a wide variety of components including htmlwidgets; base, lattice, and grid graphics; tabular data; gauges and value boxes; and text annotations.

  • Flexible and easy to specify row and column-based layouts. Components are intelligently re-sized to fill the browser and adapted for display on mobile devices.

  • Storyboard layouts for presenting sequences of visualizations and related commentary.

  • Optionally use Shiny to drive visualizations dynamically.

  • Optionally use bslib to easily customize main colors, fonts, and more.

Learn more about flexdashboard:


example flexdashboard with d3 heatmap  example flexdashboard using ggplotly  example flexdashboard using Shiny

View more examples here.


Install the flexdashboard package from CRAN as follows:


If you want to use the development version of the flexdashboard package, you can install the package from GitHub via the remotes package:



To author a flexdashboard you create an R Markdown document with the flexdashboard::flex_dashboard output format. You can do this from within RStudio using the New R Markdown dialog:

If you are not using RStudio, you can create a new flexdashboard R Markdown file from the R console. Currently there are two templates:

                 template = "flex_dashboard_bslib",
                 package = "flexdashboard")

Getting help

There are two main places to get help with flexdashboard:

  • The Posit community is a friendly place to ask any questions about flexdashboard. Be sure to use the flexdashboard tag. Add also the shiny tag is you are using a Shiny runtime.

  • Stack Overflow is a great source of answers to common flexdashboard questions. It is also a great place to get help, once you have created a reproducible example that illustrates your problem. Use the tags [r][flexdashboard] if you ask a question. Add the tag [shiny] if you are using a Shiny runtime.

Code of Conduct

Please note that the flexdashboard project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.