• flexdashboard now prevents top margin from being applied to boxes created with flexdashboard’s markdown syntax when Bootstrap 5 is used. (#443)

New features

  • flexdashboard now supports icons for navigation dropdown menus. Pages are created with level-1 headings and can be added to a dropdown menu with the data-navmenu attribute. You can now also assign an icon to this dropdown menu by providing a data-navmenu-icon attribute, using the same icon selections as described in Page Icons. (#419)

  • Improved support for page selection in navigation dropdown menus in Bootstrap 5. (#421)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fixed #411: Improved support for Bootstrap 5 to ensure correct handling of the active dashboard page. (#418)

  • Fixed #234: Use the correct social sharing link for Facebook.

  • Fixed #102: knitr’s collapse chunk option now works as expected. This fix also ensures that other knitr options that modify the chunk option, like class.chunk and others are applied correctly. (#428)

  • Closed #398: The logo is now positioned to the left (instead of the right) of the title (regression introduced by 0.6.0).

This release adds integration with the new {bslib} package, making it much easier to customize the overall appearance of the dashboard (and/or upgrade to Bootstrap 4). See the new website’s new article on theming to learn more.

Possibly breaking changes

  • The smart argument was removed from flexdashboard::flex_dashboard since it was removed in rmarkdown 2.2 (relatedly, we now require rmarkdown 2.2 or higher). (#301)
  • The window.FlexDashboard.themeColor JavaScript object property is no longer available. Resolving of theming accent colors should now be done server-side via bslib’s dynamic theming tools. (#305)

Improvements & fixes

  • Close #343: Fix an issue with order of dependencies with shiny_prerendered following previous changes in rmarkdown - rstudio/rmarkdown#2064. (#344)

  • Closed #315, #321, and #286: DT::datatable() now fills its container correctly inside of flexdashboard::flex_dashboard(). (#322)

  • Closed #310: An .active class may now be added to a particular .tabset tab to control which tab is shown by default. (#311)

  • Closed #306: A .tabset-pills class may now be added to .tabset to render pills instead of tabs. (#307)

  • Closed #297, #254: gauge() now uses justgage.js 1.4.0, allowing renderGauge() to properly update various labels and sectors on redraw. (#301)

  • Closed #300: When a custom bslib theme is provided to flex_dashboard, gauge() and viewBox() now generate default styles to match it. (#301, #305)

  • Closed #227: Fixed a bug with source_code: embed producing errors because code wasn’t being escaped before being included in HTML. (#228, thanks @cderv)

  • Added padding to the top of the sidebar. (#294)

  • Support use of Font Awesome icon sets (e.g. “fab fa-r-project”)

  • Fixed #245: Shiny (1.4.0+) outputs not rendering in modified flexdashboard html. (#250)

Changed maintainer.

  • Fixed #149: a compatability issue when using Pandoc 2.0. (#150)

  • Fixed #139: remove previous valueBox handlers when rebinding.

  • Update to roxygen2 6.0.

(tagged @ commit #d99dd62)

  • Don’t hook graphics device option for fig_mobile if it’s a data chunk (this broke knitr caching for shiny_prerendered data chunks).

(tagged @ commit #0a88a91)

  • Add support for target field in navbar links (e.g. target: “_blank”).

  • Fixed #100: problem w/ embedding source code for Rmd w/ spaces in path.

  • Fixed #106: ensure that previous bg class on valueBox is cleared.

(tagged @ commit #2b6eb71)

  • Support .hidden attribute for pages to hide them from the navbar.

  • Scroll sidebar when content overflows vertically.

  • Correct handling for storyboard notes in mobile layout.

  • Handle titles with extended characters (auto-assign id if pandoc doesn’t).

  • Handle page titles with punctuation (sanitize id for bootstrap tabs).

  • Use pre_knit hook to get access to the source file path.

  • Restore original DT options after rendering.

(tagged @ commit #64d975f)

  • Initial release to CRAN.

(tagged @ commit #990d10c)

  • init commit!