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leaflet (development version)

leaflet 2.2.2

CRAN release: 2024-03-26

leaflet 2.2.1

CRAN release: 2023-11-13

leaflet 2.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-08-31


  • Added support for SpatRaster and SpatVector objects from the terra package. (#728)

  • leaflet() now uses jQuery 3.6.0 provided via the {jquerylib}package. As a result of this change, the HTML dependencies for leaflet() are included in the dependencies item of the htmlwidget object it returns. (#817, #821)

Bug fixes and improvements

leaflet 2.1.2

CRAN release: 2023-03-10

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Removed S3 warnings found on R devel (#848)

leaflet 2.1.1

CRAN release: 2022-03-23

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The default marker icon for addMarkers no longer worked, due to the CDN we were relying on apparently being retired. Fixed by pointing to a new CDN. (#782)

  • New behavior from caused addTiles default tileset to break when viewed under non-https protocol on recent versions of Chrome. Fixed by always using the https protocol to connect to openstreetmap. (#786)

leaflet 2.1.0

CRAN release: 2022-02-16

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Enable JS function literals (wrapped in htmlwidgets::JS()) to be included in arguments to methods invoked on leafletProxy objects. (JS function literals could already be included with methods invoked on leaflet objects, so this change just brings leafletProxy to parity.) (#420)

  • Add missing CSS rule to show <img> in right-pane and left-pane (rstudio/rmarkdown#1949, #770)

  • Allow for hidden but not suspended leaflet maps to queue calls (such as add raster images) until they are rendered. If a new leaflet map is created, all pending calls are removed. (#771)


CRAN release: 2021-01-07


  • Updated proj4.js to 2.6.2

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Minor tweaks to example data and tests, required to stay on CRAN

  • Fixes broken URL (#742) and updated examples to run from system files (#576) including updated .Rmd and .html docs.

leaflet 2.0.3

CRAN release: 2019-11-16

Breaking changes

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Integrated data from leaflet.providers package. See leaflet.providers for details. (#636)
  • Fixed rstudio/crosstalk#58, which caused Leaflet maps that used Crosstalk shared data in Shiny apps, to be redrawn at incorrect times.
  • invokeRemote() now resolves html dependencies before passing them to shiny::createWebDependency() (#620).
  • Upgrade leaflet-provider to 1.4.0, enable more map variants such as CartoDB.Voyager (#567)
  • sf objects with names attributes in the st_geometry now visualise correctly (#595)
  • GeoJSON objects missing properties can now be displayed (#622)

leaflet 2.0.2

CRAN release: 2018-08-27

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Require viridis >= 0.5.1 to avoid namespace issues with viridisLite (#557)
  • Fixed broken mouse events after using leaflet-search from leaflet.extras within shiny applications (#563)
  • Use leaflet namespace on providers in addMiniMap to make the function accessible in other packages. Fixes r-tmap/tmap#231. (#568)
  • Require scales >= 1.0.0 to avoid exact color matching issues (#578)

leaflet 2.0.1

CRAN release: 2018-06-04


  • Added method addMapPane to add custom pane layers to have fine tune control over layer ordering. New feature from within leaflet.js v1.x. (#549)
  • Exposed htmlwidgets sizingPolicy in leaflet() (#548)

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Default marker icon locations will now use instead of the leaflet cdn when using https or file protocols. (#544)
  • .leaflet-map-pane z-index switched to ‘auto’. Allows for map panes to appear above the map if they appear later in the dom. (#537)
  • Use correct Leaflet.js scale control remove method. (#547)
  • Start from world view if using flyTo or flyToBounds. (#552)

leaflet 2.0.0

CRAN release: 2018-04-20

Breaking changes

Bug fixes and features

  • Relative protocols are used where possible when adding tiles (#526). In RStudio 1.1.x on Linux and Windows, a known issue of ‘https://’ routes fail to load, but works within browsers (rstudio/rstudio#2661).

  • Added more providers for addProviderTiles(): “OpenStreetMap.CH”, “OpenInfraMap”, “OpenInfraMap.Power”, “OpenInfraMap.Telecom”, “OpenInfraMap.Petroleum”, “OpenInfraMap.Water”, “OpenPtMap”, “OpenRailwayMap”, “OpenFireMap”, “SafeCast”. (4aea447)

  • L.multiPolyline was absorbed into L.polyline, which accepts multiple an array of polyline information. (#515)

  • Fix bug where icons where anchored to the top-center, not center-center (2a60751)

  • Fix bug where markers would not appear in self contained knitr files (cc79bc3)

  • leaflet-label plugin now L.tooltip in leaflet.js. labelOptions() now translates old options clickable to interactive and noHide to permanent.

  • Fix a bug where the default addTiles() would not work with .html files served directly from the filesystem.

  • Add groupOptions function. Currently the only option is letting you specify zoom levels at which a group should be visible.

  • Fix bug with accessing columns in formulas when the data source is a Crosstalk SharedData object wrapping a spatial data frame or sf object.

  • Fix strange wrapping behavior for legend, especially common for Chrome when browser zoom level is not 100%.

  • Fix incorrect opacity on NA entry in legend. (PR #425)

  • Added support for drag events (#405)

  • Ensure type safety of .indexOf(stamp) (#396)

  • validateCoords() warns on invalid polygon data (#393)

  • Added method argument to addRasterImage() to enable nearest neighbor interpolation when projecting categorical rasters (#462)

  • Added an 'auto' method for addRasterImage(). Projected factor results are coerced into factors. (9accc7e)

  • Added data parameter to remaining addXXX() methods, including addLegend. (f273edd, #491, #485)

  • Added preferCanvas argument to leafletOptions() (#521)

leaflet 1.1.0

CRAN release: 2017-02-21

  • Add support for sf. sf, sfc, and sfg classes are supported with POINT, LINESTRING, MULTILINESTRING, POLYGON, and MULTIPOLYGON geometries (note that MULTIPOINT is not currently supported).

  • Added support for Crosstalk (

  • Added option to highlight polygons, polylines, circles, and rectangles on hover (use highlightOptions parameter).

  • Fix behavior when data contains NA points, or zero rows. Previously this would cause an error.

  • Added popupOptions parameter to all markers and shape layers.

  • Upgraded existing plugins to their respective latest versions and added missing/new functionality from those plugins. (PR #293)

  • Added Proj4Leaflet plugin (PR #294).

  • Added EasyButton plugin (PR #295).

  • Added Graticule plugin (PR #293).

  • Color palette improvements. All color palette functions now support viridis palettes (“viridis”, “magma”, “inferno”, and “plasma”).

  • Color palette functions now support reversing the order in which colors are used, via reverse=TRUE.

  • colorFactor no longer interpolates qualitative RColorBrewer palettes, unless the number of factor levels being mapped exceeds the number of colors in the specified RColorBrewer palette. (Issue #300)

  • Upgrade leaflet.js to (PR #359)

  • Added a way for the Map instance to be instantiated via a factory.

leaflet 1.0.2

  • When used with leafletProxy, fitBounds did not return its input object as output, so magrittr chains would break after fitBounds was called.

  • Add addMeasure()/removeMeasure() functions to allow users to measure lines and areas, via the leaflet-measure plugin by @ljagis. (PR #171. Thanks, Kenton Russell!)

  • Add input${mapid}_center Shiny event.

  • Add support for labels on most layers, that show either statically or on hover. (PR #181. Thanks Bhaskar Karambelkar!)

  • Add support for markers with configurable colors and icons, via the Leaflet.awesome-markers plugin by @lvoogdt. See ?addAwesomeMarkers. (PR #184. Great work, Bhaskar!)

  • Add support for the Leaflet.Terminator plugin by @joergdietrich. Overlays day and night regions on a map. See ?addTerminator. (PR #184, thanks Bhaskar!)

  • Add support for Leaflet.SimpleGraticule plugin by @ablakey. See ?addSimpleGraticule. (PR #184, thanks again Bhaskar!)

  • Add support for Leaflet.MagnifyingGlass plugin by @bbecquet. Adds a configurable magnifying glass that displays the area under the cursor at an increased zoom level. See ?addMagnifyingGlass. (PR #184, still Bhaskar!)

  • Add support for Leaflet-MiniMap plugin by @Norkart. Adds a mini map to the corner that can be used to see or change the bounds of the main map. See ?addMiniMap. (PR #184, Bhaskar again!)

  • addScaleBar and related functions added, for showing Leaflet’s built-in scale bar in one of the corners of the map. (PR #201. Thanks Kent Johnson!)

leaflet 1.0.1

CRAN release: 2016-02-27

  • Fix #242: Compatibility with htmlwidgets 0.6 (thanks byzheng).

leaflet 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2015-06-24

  • Initial release