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Entry points and variables listed in this index and in header files listed here are intended to be used in distributed packages and ideally will only be changed after deprecation.

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Index Entry   Section
alloc3DArray:   Allocating storage
allocArray:   Allocating storage
allocLang:   Evaluating R expressions from C
allocList:   Handling lists
allocList:   Evaluating R expressions from C
allocMatrix:   Allocating storage
allocMatrix:   Calculating numerical derivatives
allocVector:   Allocating storage
ANY_ATTRIB:   Named objects and copying
asChar:   Some convenience functions
asCharacterFactor:   Some convenience functions
asComplex:   Some convenience functions
asInteger:   Some convenience functions
asLogical:   Some convenience functions
asReal:   Some convenience functions
bessel_i:   Mathematical functions
bessel_j:   Mathematical functions
bessel_k:   Mathematical functions
bessel_y:   Mathematical functions
beta:   Mathematical functions
CAAR:   Calling .External
CAD4R:   Calling .External
CAD5R:   Calling .External
CADDDR:   Calling .External
CADDR:   Calling .External
CADR:   Calling .External
Calloc:   User-controlled memory
CAR:   Calling .External
CDAR:   Calling .External
CDDDR:   Calling .External
CDDR:   Calling .External
CDR:   Calling .External
cgmin:   Optimization
CHAR:   Calculating numerical derivatives
choose:   Mathematical functions
classgets:   Classes
CLEAR_ATTRIB:   Named objects and copying
coerceVector:   Details of R types
COMPLEX:   Vector accessor functions
COMPLEX_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
COMPLEX_RO:   Vector accessor functions
CONS:   Some convenience functions
cons:   Some convenience functions
copyMatrix:   Allocating storage
copyMostAttrib:   Allocating storage
copyVector:   Allocating storage
cospi:   Numerical Utilities
cPsort:   Utility functions
d1mach:   Utility functions
DATAPTR_RO:   Vector accessor functions
dblepr:   Printing from Fortran
dblepr1:   Printing from Fortran
defineVar:   Finding and setting variables
digamma:   Mathematical functions
dimgets:   Attributes
dimnamesgets:   Attributes
dpsifn:   Mathematical functions
duplicate:   Named objects and copying
DUPLICATE_ATTRIB:   Named objects and copying
dwilcox:   Distribution functions
elt:   Some convenience functions
error:   Error signaling
errorcall:   Error signaling
eval:   Evaluating R expressions from C
expm1:   Numerical Utilities
exp_rand:   Random numbers
FALSE:   Mathematical constants
findFun:   Evaluating R expressions from C
findInterval:   Utility functions
findInterval2:   Utility functions
fmax2:   Numerical Utilities
fmin2:   Numerical Utilities
fprec:   Numerical Utilities
Free:   User-controlled memory
fround:   Numerical Utilities
fsign:   Numerical Utilities
ftrunc:   Numerical Utilities
gammafn:   Mathematical functions
GetArrayDimnames:   Attributes
getAttrib:   Attributes
getCharCE:   Character encoding issues
GetColNames:   Attributes
GetMatrixDimnames:   Attributes
GetOption1:   Semi-internal convenience functions
GetOptionWidth:   Semi-internal convenience functions
GetRNGstate:   Random numbers
GetRowNames:   Attributes
i1mach:   Utility functions
imax2:   Numerical Utilities
imin2:   Numerical Utilities
inherits:   Semi-internal convenience functions
install:   Attributes
installChar:   Finding and setting variables
INTEGER:   Vector accessor functions
INTEGER_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
INTEGER_RO:   Vector accessor functions
integr_fn:   Integration
interv:   Utility functions
intpr:   Printing from Fortran
intpr1:   Printing from Fortran
iPsort:   Utility functions
isArray:   Some convenience functions
isComplex:   Details of R types
isDataFrame:   Some convenience functions
isEnvironment:   Details of R types
isExpression:   Details of R types
isFactor:   Some convenience functions
isFunction:   Some convenience functions
isInteger:   Details of R types
isLanguage:   Some convenience functions
isList:   Some convenience functions
isLogical:   Details of R types
isMatrix:   Some convenience functions
ISNA:   Missing and special values
ISNA:   Missing and IEEE values
ISNAN:   Missing and special values
ISNAN:   Missing and IEEE values
isNewList:   Some convenience functions
isNull:   Details of R types
isNumber:   Some convenience functions
isNumeric:   Some convenience functions
isObject:   Some convenience functions
isOrdered:   Some convenience functions
isPairList:   Some convenience functions
isPrimitive:   Some convenience functions
isReal:   Details of R types
isS4:   Some convenience functions
isString:   Details of R types
isSymbol:   Details of R types
isTs:   Some convenience functions
isUnordered:   Some convenience functions
isVector:   Some convenience functions
isVectorAtomic:   Some convenience functions
isVectorList:   Some convenience functions
labelpr:   Printing from Fortran
lang1:   Some convenience functions
lang2:   Some convenience functions
lang3:   Some convenience functions
lang4:   Some convenience functions
lang5:   Some convenience functions
lang6:   Some convenience functions
lastElt:   Some convenience functions
lbeta:   Mathematical functions
lbfgsb:   Optimization
lchoose:   Mathematical functions
LCONS:   Some convenience functions
lcons:   Some convenience functions
LCONS:   Evaluating R expressions from C
LENGTH:   Calculating numerical derivatives
length:   Calculating numerical derivatives
lengthgets:   Allocating storage
lgamma1p:   Numerical Utilities
lgammafn:   Mathematical functions
list1:   Some convenience functions
list2:   Some convenience functions
list3:   Some convenience functions
list4:   Some convenience functions
list5:   Some convenience functions
list6:   Some convenience functions
log1mexp:   Numerical Utilities
log1p:   Numerical Utilities
log1pexp:   Numerical Utilities
log1pmx:   Numerical Utilities
LOGICAL:   Vector accessor functions
LOGICAL_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
LOGICAL_RO:   Vector accessor functions
logspace_add:   Numerical Utilities
logspace_sub:   Numerical Utilities
logspace_sum:   Numerical Utilities
MARK_NOT_MUTABLE:   Named objects and copying
MAYBE_REFERENCED:   Named objects and copying
MAYBE_SHARED:   Named objects and copying
mkChar:   Handling character data
mkCharCE:   Character encoding issues
mkCharLen:   Handling character data
mkCharLenCE:   Character encoding issues
mkNamed:   Attributes
mkString:   Some convenience functions
M_E:   Mathematical constants
M_PI:   Mathematical constants
namesgets:   Attributes
NA_REAL:   Missing and IEEE values
ncols:   Transient storage allocation
nmmin:   Optimization
norm_rand:   Random numbers
NOT_SHARED:   Named objects and copying
NO_REFERENCES:   Named objects and copying
nrows:   Transient storage allocation
nthcdr:   Some convenience functions
onintr:   Calling R.dll directly
optimfn:   Optimization
optimgr:   Optimization
pentagamma:   Mathematical functions
pow1p:   Numerical Utilities
PRINTNAME:   Calling .External
PrintValue:   Inspecting R objects
PROTECT:   Garbage Collection
protect:   Garbage Collection
PROTECT_WITH_INDEX:   Garbage Collection
psigamma:   Mathematical functions
PutRNGstate:   Random numbers
pwilcox:   Distribution functions
qsort3:   Utility functions
qsort4:   Utility functions
qwilcox:   Distribution functions
RAW:   Vector accessor functions
RAW_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
RAW_RO:   Vector accessor functions
rchkusr:   Allowing interrupts
Rdqagi:   Integration
Rdqags:   Integration
REAL:   Vector accessor functions
Realloc:   User-controlled memory
realpr:   Printing from Fortran
realpr1:   Printing from Fortran
REAL_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
REAL_RO:   Vector accessor functions
reEnc:   Character encoding issues
REprintf:   Printing
REPROTECT:   Garbage Collection
REvprintf:   Printing
revsort:   Utility functions
rexit:   Error signaling from Fortran
Rf_installChar:   Attributes
Rf_installTrChar:   Attributes
Riconv:   Re-encoding
Riconv_close:   Re-encoding
Riconv_open:   Re-encoding
Rmath.h:   Numerical analysis subroutines
rmultinom:   Distribution functions
Rprintf:   Printing
rPsort:   Utility functions
rsort_with_index:   Utility functions
Rtanpi:   Numerical Utilities
Rvprintf:   Printing
rwarn:   Error signaling from Fortran
R_alloc:   Allocating storage
R_alloc:   Transient storage allocation
R_allocLD:   Transient storage allocation
R_atof:   Utility functions
R_BytecodeExpr:   Working with closures
R_Calloc:   User-controlled memory
R_CHAR:   Calculating numerical derivatives
R_CheckStack:   C stack checking
R_CheckStack2:   C stack checking
R_CheckUserInterrupt:   Allowing interrupts
R_ClearExternalPtr:   External pointers and weak references
R_ClosureBody:   Working with closures
R_ClosureEnv:   Working with closures
R_ClosureExpr:   Working with closures
R_ClosureFormals:   Working with closures
R_ContinueUnwind:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_csort:   Utility functions
R_DimNamesSymbol:   Attributes
R_ExecWithCleanup:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_ExpandFileName:   Utility functions
R_ext/Arith.h:   Missing and special values
R_ext/BLAS.h:   Numerical analysis subroutines
R_ext/Boolean.h:   Mathematical constants
R_ext/Complex.h:   Interface functions .C and .Fortran
R_ext/Constants.h:   Mathematical constants
R_ext/Error.h:   The R API
R_ext/Lapack.h:   Numerical analysis subroutines
R_ext/Linpack.h:   Numerical analysis subroutines
R_ext/Memory.h:   Organization of header files
R_ext/Random.h:   Organization of header files
R_ext/Riconv.h:   Re-encoding
R_ext/Visibility.h:   Converting a package to use registration
R_ExternalPtrAddr:   External pointers and weak references
R_ExternalPtrAddrFn:   External pointers and weak references
R_ExternalPtrProtected:   External pointers and weak references
R_ExternalPtrTag:   External pointers and weak references
R_FindSymbol:   Linking to native routines in other packages
R_FINITE:   Missing and IEEE values
R_forceSymbols:   Registering native routines
R_Free:   User-controlled memory
R_free_tmpnam:   Utility functions
R_GetCCallable:   Linking to native routines in other packages
R_GetCurrentSrcref:   Accessing source references
R_GetSrcFilename:   Accessing source references
R_getVar:   Finding and setting variables
R_getVarEx:   Finding and setting variables
R_INLINE:   Inlining C functions
R_IsNaN:   Missing and IEEE values
R_isnancpp:   Missing and special values
R_isort:   Utility functions
R_MakeExternalPtr:   External pointers and weak references
R_MakeExternalPtrFn:   External pointers and weak references
R_MakeUnwindCont:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_MakeWeakRef:   External pointers and weak references
R_MakeWeakRefC:   External pointers and weak references
R_max_col:   Utility functions
R_mkClosure:   Working with closures
R_NamesSymbol:   Attributes
R_NegInf:   Missing and IEEE values
R_NewEnv:   Finding and setting variables
R_NewPreciousMSet:   Garbage Collection
R_NilValue:   Handling lists
R_orderVector:   Utility functions
R_orderVector1:   Utility functions
R_ParentEnv:   Semi-internal convenience functions
R_ParseEvalString:   Parsing R code from C
R_ParseString:   Parsing R code from C
R_ParseVector:   Parsing R code from C
R_PosInf:   Missing and IEEE values
R_pow:   Numerical Utilities
R_pow_di:   Numerical Utilities
R_PreserveInMSet:   Garbage Collection
R_PreserveObject:   Garbage Collection
R_ProtectWithIndex:   Garbage Collection
R_PV:   Inspecting R objects
R_qsort:   Utility functions
R_qsort_I:   Utility functions
R_qsort_int:   Utility functions
R_qsort_int_I:   Utility functions
R_Realloc:   User-controlled memory
R_RegisterCCallable:   Linking to native routines in other packages
R_RegisterCFinalizer:   External pointers and weak references
R_RegisterCFinalizerEx:   External pointers and weak references
R_RegisterFinalizer:   External pointers and weak references
R_RegisterFinalizerEx:   External pointers and weak references
R_registerRoutines:   Registering native routines
R_ReleaseFromMSet:   Garbage Collection
R_ReleaseObject:   Garbage Collection
R_Reprotect:   Garbage Collection
R_rsort:   Utility functions
R_RunWeakRefFinalizer:   External pointers and weak references
R_SetExternalPtrAddr:   External pointers and weak references
R_SetExternalPtrProtected:   External pointers and weak references
R_SetExternalPtrTag:   External pointers and weak references
R_ShowMessage:   Setting R callbacks
R_strtod:   Utility functions
R_tmpnam:   Utility functions
R_tmpnam2:   Utility functions
R_ToplevelExec:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_tryCatch:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_tryCatchError:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_tryEval:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_tryEvalSilent:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_unif_index:   Random numbers
R_UnwindProtect:   Condition handling and cleanup code
R_useDynamicSymbols:   Registering native routines
R_Version:   Platform and version information
R_WeakRefKey:   External pointers and weak references
R_WeakRefValue:   External pointers and weak references
R_withCallingErrorHandler:   Condition handling and cleanup code
samin:   Optimization
ScalarComplex:   Some convenience functions
ScalarInteger:   Some convenience functions
ScalarLogical:   Some convenience functions
ScalarRaw:   Some convenience functions
ScalarReal:   Some convenience functions
ScalarString:   Some convenience functions
setAttrib:   Attributes
SETCAD4R:   Calling .External
SETCADDDR:   Calling .External
SETCADDR:   Calling .External
SETCADR:   Calling .External
SETCAR:   Calling .External
SETCDR:   Calling .External
setVar:   Finding and setting variables
SET_COMPLEX_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
SET_INTEGER_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
SET_LOGICAL_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
SET_RAW_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
SET_REAL_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
SET_STRING_ELT:   Handling character data
SET_TAG:   Evaluating R expressions from C
SET_VECTOR_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
shallow_duplicate:   Named objects and copying
SHALLOW_DUPLICATE_ATTRIB:   Named objects and copying
sign:   Numerical Utilities
signrank_free:   Distribution functions
sinpi:   Numerical Utilities
str2type:   Some convenience functions
STRING_ELT:   Handling character data
STRING_PTR_RO:   Vector accessor functions
S_alloc:   Transient storage allocation
S_realloc:   Transient storage allocation
TAG:   Calling .External
tanpi:   Numerical Utilities
tetragamma:   Mathematical functions
topenv:   Semi-internal convenience functions
translateChar:   Character encoding issues
translateCharUTF8:   Character encoding issues
trigamma:   Mathematical functions
TRUE:   Mathematical constants
type2char:   Some convenience functions
type2str:   Some convenience functions
type2str_nowarn:   Some convenience functions
TYPEOF:   Calling .External
unif_rand:   Random numbers
UNPROTECT:   Garbage Collection
unprotect:   Garbage Collection
UNPROTECT_PTR:   Garbage Collection
unprotect_ptr:   Garbage Collection
VECTOR_ELT:   Vector accessor functions
VECTOR_PTR_RO:   Vector accessor functions
vmaxget:   Transient storage allocation
vmaxset:   Transient storage allocation
vmmin:   Optimization
warning:   Error signaling
warningcall:   Error signaling
warningcall_immediate:   Error signaling
wilcox_free:   Distribution functions
XLENGTH:   Portable C and C++ code
xlength:   Portable C and C++ code
xlengthgets:   Allocating storage
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