Get and set the cache object registered for a specific directory

sass_cache_get_dir(dir, create = FALSE)

sass_cache_set_dir(dir, cache)



A directory. An error will be thrown if the directory does not exist.


If TRUE, then if the cache directory doesn't exist, or if there is not a registered cache object for the directory, create them as needed.


A sass_file_cache() object, or NULL if you don't want to unset the cache for a directory.


If sass_cache_get_dir() is called for a given directory, before sass_cache_set_dir() has been called for that directory, then it will return NULL.

After sass_cache_set_dir() is called for a directory, any future calls to sass_cache_get_dir() with that directory will return that specific cache object. This can be useful if you customize parameters for the cache object, like maximum size or age.