The sv_in_set() function checks whether the field value is a member of a specified set of values.

  message_fmt = "Must be in the set of {values_text}.",
  set_limit = 3



A vector or list of elements for which the field value must be a part of (value %in% set must be TRUE) to pass validation. To allow an empty field, NA should be included in the set vector. Optionally, NaN can be included as well.


The validation error message to use if a value fails to match the rule. The message can be customized by using the "{values_text}" string parameter, which allows for the insertion of set values (formatted internally as a text list and controlled via the set_limit parameter). While the default message uses this string parameter, it is not required in a user-defined message_fmt string.


The limit of set values to include in the automatically-generated error message (i.e., when message = NULL, the default). If the number of elements provided in set is greater than set_limit then only the first <message_limit> set elements will be echoed along with text that states how many extra elements are part of the set.


A function suitable for use as an InputValidator$add_rule() rule.

See also

The sv_between() function, which tests whether a field values between two boundary values.

Other rule functions: compose_rules(), sv_between(), sv_email(), sv_equal(), sv_gte(), sv_gt(), sv_integer(), sv_lte(), sv_lt(), sv_not_equal(), sv_numeric(), sv_optional(), sv_regex(), sv_required(), sv_url()


## Only run examples in interactive R sessions
if (interactive()) {


ui <- fluidPage(
  textInput("rating", "Rating")

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  # Validation rules are set in the server, start by
  # making a new instance of an `InputValidator()`
  iv <- InputValidator$new()

  # Basic usage: `sv_in_set()` requires a value
  # set given as a vector; a message will be
  # shown if the validation of `input$rating` fails
  iv$add_rule("rating", sv_in_set(1:5))

  # Finally, `enable()` the validation rules

shinyApp(ui, server)