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Getting started

Using rank list and bucket lists in Shiny apps

An introduction to rank list and bucket list elemens, as provided by the sortable package. A rank list allows you to rank items by drag-and-drop, and a bucket list lets you drag items between linked rank lists.

Using custom styles with CSS

Sometimes you may want to control the appearance of your rank_list elements, and override the default CSS classes.

Take control of `sortable.js`

Understanding the interface to sortable.js

Understanding the key idea of sortable.js will help you to write your own custom sortable widgets.

Novel solutions using sortable in shiny apps

Once you understand some of the inner workings of sortable.js, you can create sortable widgets using any shiny object.

Cloning and removing elements

You can clone and remove elements in a rank_list, i.e. drag an element multiple times.

Dynamically updating a rank_list element

You can dynamically update the values inside a rank_list by using standard shiny reactive programming techniques.