deploy_rsconnect(connect_server, board, pin_name, version=None, extra_files=None, new=False, app_id=None, title=None, python=None, force_generate=False, log_callback=None, image=None)

Deploy to Posit Connect


Name Type Description Default
connect_server rsconnect.api.RSConnectServer Posit Connect Server required
board Pins board required
pin_name str Name of pin required
version str Version of pin None
extra_files typing.List[str] Any extra files to include None
new bool Force as a new deploy False
app_id int ID of an existing application to deploy new files for. None
title str Optional title for the deploy. None
python str Optional name of a Python executable None
force_generate bool Force generating requirements.txt or environment.yml False
log_callback typing.Callable Callback to use to write the log to None
image str Docker image to be specified for off-host execution None


>>> import vetiver
>>> import pins
>>> import rsconnect
>>> board = pins.board_temp(allow_pickle_read=True)
>>> connect_server = rsconnect.api.RSConnectServer(
...    url = url,
...    api_key = api_key)
>>> X, y = vetiver.get_mock_data()
>>> model = vetiver.get_mock_model().fit(X, y)
>>> v = vetiver.VetiverModel(model = model,
...    model_name = "my_model",
...    prototype_data = X)
>>> vetiver.deploy_rsconnect(
...    connect_server = connect_server,
...    board = board,
...    pin_name = "my_model"
... )