vetiver_pin_write(board, model, versioned=True)

Pin a trained VetiverModel along with other model metadata.


Name Type Description Default
board A pin board, created by pins.board_folder() or another board_ function. required
model VetiverModel VetiverModel to be written to board required
versioned bool Whether or not the pin should be versioned True


>>> import vetiver
>>> from pins import board_temp
>>> model_board = board_temp(versioned = True, allow_pickle_read = True)
>>> X, y = vetiver.get_mock_data()
>>> model = vetiver.get_mock_model().fit(X, y)
>>> v = vetiver.VetiverModel(model, "my_model", prototype_data = X)
>>> vetiver.vetiver_pin_write(model_board, v)