prepare_docker(board, pin_name, path='./', version=None, rspm_env=False, host='', port='8080')

Create all files needed for Docker


Name Type Description Default
board Pin board for model required
pin_name str Name of pin required
path str Path to output './'
version Pin version to be used None
rspm_env bool Whether or not Posit Package Manager should be used False
host str Host address to run VetiverAPI from Dockerfile ''
port str Port to run VetiverAPI from Dockerfile '8080'


>>> import vetiver
>>> import tempfile
>>> import pins
>>> tmp = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory()
>>> board = pins.board_temp(allow_pickle_read=True)
>>> X, y = vetiver.get_mock_data()
>>> model = vetiver.get_mock_model().fit(X, y)
>>> v = vetiver.VetiverModel(model, "my_model", prototype_data = X)
>>> vetiver.vetiver_pin_write(board, v)
>>> vetiver.prepare_docker(board = board, pin_name = "my_model", path =


This function uses vetiver.get_board_pkgs(board) for generating requirements. For more complex use cases, call write_docker(), load_pkgs(), and write_app() individually.