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An agent or informant can be written to disk with the x_write_disk() function. While useful for later retrieving the stored agent with x_read_disk() it's also possible to read a series of on-disk agents with the read_disk_multiagent() function, which creates a ptblank_multiagent object. A multiagent object can also be generated via the create_multiagent() function but is less convenient to use if one is just using agents that have been previously written to disk.


read_disk_multiagent(filenames = NULL, pattern = NULL, path = NULL)



File names

vector<character> // default: NULL (optional)

The names of files (holding agent objects) that were previously written by x_write_disk().


Regex pattern

scalar<character> // default: NULL (optional)

A regex pattern for accessing saved-to-disk agent files located in a directory (specified in the path argument).


File path

scalar<character> // default: NULL (optional)

A path to a collection of files. This is either optional in the case that files are specified in filenames (the path combined with all filenames), or, required when providing a pattern for file names.


A ptblank_multiagent object.

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See also

Other The multiagent: create_multiagent(), get_multiagent_report()