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Validation steps can be removed from an agent object through use of the remove_steps() function. This is useful, for instance, when getting an agent from disk (via the x_read_disk() function) and omitting one or more steps from the agent's validation plan. Please note that when removing validation steps all stored data extracts will be removed from the agent.


remove_steps(agent, i = NULL)



The pointblank agent object

obj:<ptblank_agent> // required

A pointblank agent object that is commonly created through the use of the create_agent() function.


A validation step number

scalar<integer> // default: NULL (optional)

The validation step number, which is assigned to each validation step in the order of definition. If NULL (the default) then step removal won't occur by index.


A ptblank_agent object.

A ptblank_agent object.

Function ID


See also

Instead of removal, the deactivate_steps() function will simply change the active status of one or more validation steps to FALSE (and activate_steps() will do the opposite).

Other Object Ops: activate_steps(), deactivate_steps(), export_report(), set_tbl(), x_read_disk(), x_write_disk()


# Create an agent that has the
# `small_table` object as the
# target table, add a few
# validation steps, and then use
# `interrogate()`
agent_1 <- 
    tbl = small_table,
    tbl_name = "small_table",
    label = "An example."
  ) %>%
  col_exists(columns = date) %>%
    columns = b,
    regex = "[0-9]-[a-z]{3}-[0-9]"
  ) %>%
# The second validation step has
# been determined to be unneeded and
# is to be removed; this can be done
# by using `remove_steps()` with the
# agent object
agent_2 <-
  agent_1 %>%
  remove_steps(i = 2) %>%