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The validate_rmd() function sets up a framework for validation testing within specialized validation code chunks inside an R Markdown document. To enable this functionality, validate_rmd() should be called early within an R Markdown document code chunk (preferably in the setup chunk) to signal that validation should occur within specific code chunks. The validation code chunks require the validate = TRUE option to be set. Using pointblank validation functions on data in these marked code chunks will flag overall failure if the stop threshold is exceeded anywhere. All errors are reported in the validation code chunk after rendering the document to HTML, where a centered status button either indicates success or the number of overall failures. Clicking the button reveals the otherwise hidden validation statements and their error messages (if any).


validate_rmd(summary = TRUE, log_to_file = NULL)



Include a validation summary

scalar<logical> // default: TRUE

If TRUE then there will be a leading summary of all validations in the rendered R Markdown document. With FALSE, this element is not shown.


Log validation results to a file

scalar<logical|character> // default: NULL (optional)

An option to log errors to a text file. By default, no logging is done but TRUE will write log entries to "validation_errors.log" in the working directory. To both enable logging and to specify a file name, include a path to a log file of the desired name.

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